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Sonos PLAY:1

Price: £185.00 & FREE Delivery in the UK

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Sonos has cooked up a superb quality speaker at a more affordable entry point, meaning it’s no longer just one for the upper earners. And with an improved app and support for even more services, it’s better than ever.

Sonos PLAY:1

Deep, crystal clear HiFi sound. Compact and surprisingly powerful.

Two custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers
Stream your entire music library, popular music services, and internet radio
Start with one, add more over time to fill your home with music
Simple to set-up; control from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac


sonos play1home systems


The Sonos Play:1 has big ambitions for its size.

Slipping in as the tiniest, more affordable of the powerful wireless speakers Sonos family members, the pint-sized speaker may possibly trick you right into believing it’s generating huge trade-offs in order to get below the superior bracket. The fact is pretty different.

Our team were certainly absolutely amazed with the Play:3 however, price tag has often been truly a concern with Sonos devices. The Play:1 at @ $199 (£169), on the other hand, heads some way to encourage us that anyone don’t need to have the big dollars in order to get in on the Sonos love.

There’s absolutely no Bluetooth to be found on the Play:1 along with no battery moreover; this is entirely around excellent quality streaming all around your house that’s solely restricted by your Wi-Fi capabilities. Well, that along with the location of your power sockets.


Sonos Play:1 -DesignSonos

Play:1 is designed to become the best portal drug to the Sonos cosmos of wireless multi-room audio. It’s modest, it’s adorable in an elegant manner and at  @ $199 (£169) it’s not terrifyingly expensive.

Sonos Play:1 – Interface and App

The moment you’re setup, the Sonos device is typically a delight to work with. Choosing amongst rooms to run is a doodle, the speakers are extremely responsive to demands as well as powerful wireless speakers Sonos has actually presented versions of its app to make the very best use of tablet also phone screens alike.

Sonos does take away much of the music discovery components of the streaming services it combines. In Spotify, as an example, anyone can find new enhancements to the service, nevertheless there are not one of the type of pointers you receive from Spotify somewhere else.


The CONNECT is manufactured  primarily to incorporate with an external amplifier/receiver, as well as bring Sonos functionality to a third party system. As soon as you have a CONNECT attached to your stereo system, you can easily stream digital music and also control the music selection along with volume from the Sonos app.

Have a couple of speakers? The CONNECT: AMP is all you need to have.

In case you possess alreadying existing wired speakers that are not presently driven through amplifier, you can easily make use of a CONNECT: AMP to bring Sonos functionality to your speakers. The moment you wire your speakers to a CONNECT: AMP, you can absolutely stream digital music furthermore manage the music selection as well as volume from the Sonos app.

For Sonos PLAY:1
Excellent sound
Reasonably affordable
Fits snugly almost anywhere

Against Sonos PLAY:1

Living rooms will want two
Lacks support for some streaming services
Reliance on mains power removes some mobility

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